Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP)

The Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) brings together communities, international partners, automotive companies, educational institutions, and government agencies in a collaborative environment to sustain and grow the U.S. automotive footprint through monthly industry updates; quarterly sales, production, and employment forecasts; exclusive networking opportunities; and advice on public policy and site selection opportunities.

ACP Benefits:

ACP membership provides communities critical benefits to support their economic and workforce development goals.  Throughout the year, ACP staff work to provide members with updates and on-going analyses on plant locations, future products, current investments and incentives, and overall industry employment. ACP members reap the benefits of advanced access to original research, exclusive access to a number of databases, and unparalleled collaborative opportunities.

Become a Member:

ACP works to unite communities with the mutual goal of a thriving auto industry in the United States and Canada. To continue achieving these goals and providing great value, members are asked to financially contribute to the program on a yearly basis. For more information on contribution rates, contact Bernard Swiecki at [email protected]

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