Affiliates Program

The Affiliates Program supports CAR’s strong relationship with key industry stakeholders in the automotive community that results in industry-driven research and analyses; forecasting; the fostering of dialogue and the convening of forums as an independent, non-profit, research organization with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Key Benefits to Joining the Affiliates Program

Access to CAR Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for industry questions, such as:

Asking CAR staff to peer review your research
Asking CAR staff to meet in a strategy meeting
Asking CAR staff your research question
Asking CAR staff for research references

Invitation to CAR Affiliate roundtables and industry briefings

Attend Affiliates industry briefings and networking dinners and participate in CAR virtual (and in-person when possible) roundtable meetings. Topics including, but not limited to, cybersecurity, design optimization, CAV regulations, AI, Industry 4.0, and 3D printing

Unlimited discounted rate registrations at CAR events

Including the CAR Management Briefing Seminars

CAR Affiliates Webinars

Work with CAR staff to produce a CAR Webinar led by your organization on a topic of importance to the industry. CAR will produce and market the webinar to our audience. Average an audience of about 200 participants

CAR research staff presentations

You can request that CAR SMEs present either live or via WebEx to your organization or membership

Access to exclusive Affiliates content

Affiliates Industry Briefing & Networking Dinners and forecasts, the CAR Book of Deals, webinars, and a new Mobility Web tracking the industry partnerships & business models taking place in the Connected and Automated Vehicle space

Contribute to fundamental industry research projects

Make contributions through interviews, surveys, and other research interactions with the CAR research Team

Advisory Role

Affiliates often preview CAR research on key industry issues and participate in giving valuable feedback


Slides, graphs, and CAR presentations

An independent unbiased source of support in responding to industry matters

Our research team consistently delivers products that help organizations, just like yours, navigate the ever-changing automotive and mobility industries. Contact us today to find out how CAR can work for you

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Affiliate Working Groups

Advanced Propulsion Roundtable

Propulsion technology and regulation are rapidly evolving—yet propulsion suppliers do not necessarily have the resources to adequately monitor this changing landscape. CAR facilitates an open discussion via regular roundtable meetings of our propulsion working group focused on non-proprietary and non-competitive topics.


Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials
The Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials (CALM) is a collaboration of over 20 industry-leading organizations working to support the cost-effective integration of environmentally sustainable mixed materials to achieve significant reductions in mass through joint efforts of material sectors and auto manufacturers.


2023 Affiliates Program Schedule

 Affiliate Dinners and Briefings


  • Affiliates Virtual Industry Briefing – Spring

  • Affiliates Outlook and Forecast Meeting – September

2023 Webinar Topics

** Affiliate Webinar
  • Altair Enlighten Award Webinar Series **

  • Defining Sustainability

  • Economic Forecast

  • Trade Topics

  • Battery Electric Vehicle Technologies

  • Connected and Automated Vehicles

Automotive Manufacturers Affiliates

Case Studies:

Faurecia leverages CAR’s Affiliates Program to Inform Development of Autonomous Vehicle Business Group

Michelin utilizes CAR’s Affiliates Program in Long Term Strategic Planning

CAR’s Affiliates Program helps Mitsubishi to Convene Supplier Roundtable Panel of Experts for Insight Planning

ZF uses CAR’s Affiliates Program in Discussion of Connected & Automated Vehicles

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