SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.


SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.


Yanik Dhont - Independence, MO

Story Published in Jun 2015  | Interview conducted in March 2014

SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.

Yanik was born in Congo and shared his childhood between Australia and Congo. He moved to the United States 15 years years ago and became a citizen in 2008. Prior to living in Missouri, he lived in Iowa and Florida. Yanik Dhont is passionate about technology and recently got engaged. to Melanie. Discover his life story and intake about being from everywhere in the video interview below.

The number nine: 9 years in Australia, 9 years in Congo and 9 years in Belgium
A friendship that started on a FB group named "Belgians In America"

Yanik and I both live in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.  We first met through the Facebook group Belgians in America. At that time, he was looking for a new job while I was about to quit mine to work full time on SignMyCar! As Yanik worked in a similar field and spoke French fluently, he met all the requirements to fill in my position. I recommended him to my company and the rest is history. We started to hang out and became friends later that year.

SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.
A passion for technology and collecting Mac products A passion for technology and collecting Mac products


Yanik is a seasoned collector. He has an extensive collection of Mac products. He owns almost every type of Mac computer since the creation of the company. He has the first computer that Apple produced. He would have no problem opening a museum. Some pieces in his collection are very rare. His basement is full of treasures. Next to his repair shop for Mac computers and electronic cars – a passion he shares with his daughter- you can see a collection of Coca Cola’s Christmas Products. There are on a shelf next to Arianne, Yanik's spider.

A new start with Melanie

Yanik recently got engaged to Melanie. Melanie is one of the coolest ladies I have met. They are figuring out the details for their wedding and have not decided on a date yet. Meanwhile, they are traveling together to Belgium in July 2015.  Yanik looks forward to introduce Melanie to his family. Yanik's daughters are coming with them too. The whole family will take a couple days to visit Paris.

You can discover more about Yanik, his life and his experiences as a global citizen by watching the Interview above.

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