SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US. SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.


(Last Updated: May 2017)

This project could not happen without your help. We are so grateful for all the generosity and support we have received. Each story represent a lot of money and time to be crafted. KEEP THE CAR ON THE ROAD: CONTRIBUTE TO OUR GOFUNDME.


All contributors receive VIP access to stories one week prior their publication, a special thank you card in the mail and are credited on SignMyCar!. There is no small donation: every dollar and €uro counts! We do not take your help for granted.

Thank you to our main sponsors:

Thank you to Ms Marie Ledru and Mr Jacques Jadoul, from AWEX, for believing in the project and giving us an occasion to promote our home region in the United States.

Thank you to Connie and Mike Hernandez for their donations, support and precious advice.

Thank you to our benefactors:

Rose Cnudde, Bob Domen, Wouter Bollen, Connie Hernandez, Nicolas Koussa, Alex Hernandez, Petra Van Der Linden, Tim Crawford CPA, Louis and Joan Dries, Katleen Bell-Bonjean, Kathy Greenamyre.

Thank you to our contributors:

Kareem El, Connie Hernandez, Dimitri Feys, Steven Vangodtsenhoven, Lieve Monnens, Valerie Dehon, Wouter Bollen, Marie Recht, Petra Van Der Linden MarieFeur Dechamps, Valérie Cenné, Marleen De Waele, Hilde DeBruyne, Ann Willaert, Anne Mouyart-Krebs, Eva Dujardin Dale, Michel Roger, Carl Van Bael, Brigitte Bequet Gaviola, Olivier Birhaye, Alexandra Ledent, Benjamin Kahn , Hannes Devos, Andrew Hoskins, Vivianne Hens, Ally Family, Philippe Cras, Clara Brokens, MarieJose Alexander, Sandy Orstead, Remy Dessilly, Craig Bellgraph.

Special thanks to our participants:

Season 1: Katrien Vanderheyden, Lize Van De Keere, Christel Dhont, Louis Dries, Paul Van Halteren, Leentje De Leeuw, Micheal Slowack, Anne-Marie Malfait, Sebastian Beaghen, Christine Skinner, Alice Schoonbroodt and Hilde DeBryune


Season 2: Clara Brocken, Kristine Beckers, Petra Van Der Linden, Bjorn Huysmans, Bünyamin Cankirli, Kenniesha Laurel Cankirli, Steve Katlin, Patricia Kalmeijer, Steven Vangodtsenhoven, Viviane Hens, Anouk Peeters, Bart Verhoeven, Rose Cnudde and Marleen De Waele.


Season 3: The Belgian Heritage Center, Sandy Orstead, Kelly Biers, Ellen Osterhaus, John McMahon, Door County Brewing Co, Barbara Engelheart, Alyssa Skiba, Els & Koen Ally, Lut & Jan De Meulder, Ann Willaert, Luc Berghman, Dirk Van Tuerenhout, Emily Clark, Clara Brocken, MarieJose Alexander.


Season 4: The Consulate General of Belgium in New York, Magali Kelfkens, Anna Hadju.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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