SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.


SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.

Questions and answers


Who's behind SignMyCar! ?


SignMyCar! is produced through Severine Dehon Photography, LLC. As a photographer, I focus on authentic portraiture and photojournalism. My imagery tells stories and promotes respect. You can visit my website to find more from my photography studio.


I am assisted in SignMyCar! by Alex Hernandez. He feels very passionate about SignMyCar! and has helped me tremendously during his free time. He has become my sound board and co-producer for this project. You'll rarely interact with him as he works behind the scenes. He designed the logo for Severine Dehon Photography and SignMyCar!


What is the purpose of SignMyCar!?


The purpose of SignMyCar! is to explore the identity and challenges of Belgians living in the US.  There is very little literature about Belgians living abroad. I wanted to talk about the people behind the beer and the waffles. The Online Belgian community has been extremely supportive and I want to meet the people who have helped me so much over the last years and serve my community through my photo-essays.


Behind every signature is a story that makes all of us stronger.


How do you record interviews?


SignMyCar! is first a storytelling documentary. I take authentic portraits of the lives of Belgians in the US and then write an a story combining them into a photo-essay. Depending on the participants level of comfort, a sit down video interview is will accompany the photo-essay.


What will you do with the pictures and interview?


Photo-essays and video interviews will be published on the this web site's storytelling platform. If a portrait is particularly good, I may include it in my portfolio on, viewable at


What type of questions do you ask during a video interview?


Every interview is different because every story is different.  I try to interview in a fluid conversational way. You can see a list of my starter questions here. One goal during the interview is to show that Belgians are more than our nationalities and struggles. Therefore if a participant has a passion, I am honored to interview them about it.


You can also go to YouTube to see some examples of interviews that have already been recorded.


In which language is SignMyCar! ?


SignMyCar! is in English because it promote cultural awareness. English has a very universal outreach that enables SignMyCar! to resonate with all immigrants and ex-pats in the world.  It also helps build a bridge with the people in the US.



SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.


How do you fund this project?


You can help this project by donating to the GoFundMe Page. I have paid for the two first rounds out of my own pocket and can not continue to do so. Please help us go to all 50 states.


How can I help support this project?


Please donate to the GoFundMe account. If you have participated in the project before, you can order portraits from Severine Dehon Photography to help cover the costs of SignMyCar!


Are you looking for Partners or Sponsors?


Yes. I would be glad to associate with people and organizations that are aligned with the vision and the values of SignMyCar! Send an email at for questions or offers.


Do you sell SignMyCar! goodies?


No. But it might be an option in the future.

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SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.

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