SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US. SignMyCar! Belgians Living in the US.


Connie Hernandez - Overland Park, KS

Interview Conducted in May 2016

Connie Hernandez is CFO at Sealgreen, one of the KC Companies that support SignMyCar! during its long post-production. She was born and raised in Nebraska where she never felt like she belonged. Therefore, she always steps in to help projects that are innovative, funky or international. SignMyCar! was Right up her alley!  Connie loves reading, cooking and trying new things. She recently has been taking classes about meditation, natural gardening and simple living.


Connie Hernandez is one of the Team Member in Kansas City. She plays a vital role in SignMyCar!'s post-production. Connie proofreads every story before they are published. Connie also volunteers to be one a guinea pig when Severine is testing a new camera, microphone or storytelling technique! The interview below is the result of one of these experimentation. It gives you a good idea about what Connie does at Sealgreen (our sponsor) and what she loves doing in life. A more in-dept interview will come later this year.


Thanks Connie for all your help and support!

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